About Our Herbs

Here at Vermont Pure Herbs, our specialty is combining herbs for high quality formulations to meet the needs of our customers. We grow and pick the finest herbs and correct remedies by listening to everyone's wants and needs.

Don't overlook a combination of herbal tinctures, they are powerful, fast acting and taste amazing.

If one herb doesn't do the job, then the one herb that adapted to your body will step in and support where needed. The level of support offered by a combination formula is amplified since a formula is more effective than the sum of its herbal parts.

The cost of buying one or two formulas versus buying a single extract found in each of my combinations is significantly less. All tinctures can be used internally and externally by rubbing on the soles of feet.

Our skin is our largest outer organ that will absorb the herbs for individuals that cannot keep anything down, this is an old practice and is still used today. I used this practice with all of my children from the day they were born with amazing results.

I also use the tinctures on the pads of animal's feet and rubbed into their bellies for multiple issues also with amazing results. Try our combination tinctures today you will not be disappointed with the results!