About Us

I am a one woman owned plant-based herbal business, born and raised a Native woman, living in the heart of beautiful Northern Vermont, with plants that have been in my upbringing and calling for many years.

I left the medical field to practice herbalism and Holistic Health and have been practicing for over 27 years with degrees as a Holistic Practitioner , Master herbalist, Wild Edibles and produce/herbal farmer. 

I am first most, a proud mother of three beautiful herbal children and 2 beautiful herbal grandsons. At Vermont Pure Herbs we practice organic methods with GMP (general manufacture practices) for all dried herbs, extracts, teas, salves, creams and whole plant infused oils.

We use organic, gluten free, vegan, cane alcohol, neutral grain spirits, glycerin based, organic carrier oils of (avocado, olive, sunflower) to ensure a long shelf life from spoiling or going rancid.

Our extracts and products are lab tested for any contaminants (bacteria, yeast, mold, metals) for your safety. Herbs we use are ethically and sustainably wild harvested, grown by organic methods or sourced from organic farms in the USA.

All our sourced herbs have COAs (certificate of analysis) for your safety. We harvest selectively with respect, love and gratitude for the land and the plants, we also leave herb patches so that the herbs are unharmed and able to produce for the coming years with seeds and roots.

At Vermont Pure herbs we strive to bring you the most exceptional herbal experience that nature has to offer.

Be Well Herbal Friends,